Rules and Regulations of G.O.T.R.A.

G.O.T.R.A. Rules 2022

  1. Have Fun!! ( This means for ALL)

  2. Cars and Drivers must meet ALL safety rules.

  3. All cars will display a GOTRA sticker. (If you need one they are $12)

  4. All drivers must be members. All drivers must attend a meeting.

  5. If you need to switch drivers during the night for health or safety concerns, you must let the promoter know. The car will automatically start in the back of the pack.

  6. Drivers must be at least 16 years old – All drivers must have a valid driver’s license, and if there are any vision restrictions, the same must be followed to race.

  7. NO alcohol, drugs, or medications that would alter your reflexes / reaction time, (including over the counter medicines). ZERO TOLERANCE

  8. Drive with the guy in front of you. Cars need to run in a tight group.

  9. Each driver is allowed 3 A-Feature wins before a mandatory restrictor plate is placed on their car.

  10. Each driver is allowed one (1) trophy dash win per year

  11. No radio communication devices

  12. RACEceiver – own or need to rent. All of the tracks that we visit require these. If you can’t hear out of it, you need to figure out a different means of ear buds. We will be checking these.

  13. We know that there may be times that there will be disagreements, but lets try to get along and remember Rule Number 1. Thats why we are here.


  1. Top three (3) cars in the A-Feature will be inspected directly following OUR A-Feature, NOT after the entire race show is complete.

  2. Safety Violation – If you fail a safety violation ex. (motor chains, white drive shaft, white weight blocks) you are required to get it fixed by the next race. If it is not fixed, you will not be able to race with the group.

  3. Chassis Violation – If you fail a chassis violation ex (illegal tires, illegal rims, illegal frame modifications,) you will not be paid for that race, and you will sit out one (1) race

  4. Drive Train Violation – If you fail a Drive Train inspection ex (illegal motor parts, illegal carb, illegal transmission) you will not be paid for that race, and will have to sit out two (2) races

  5. If you refuse to be inspected we will consider it a fail and the penalty will be assessed. If you fail a Drive Train, or Chassis inspection, your entire car will need to be re-inspected.

Safety Equipment

  1. Fire Suit SFI approved. Racing Gloves, and Racing Shoes

  2. Fire Extinguisher, Driver must be able to reach, STRICTLY ENFORCED

  3. Good five – point harness (Not worn or rotted). Check condition of belts periodically.

  4. Snell SA2015 or newer helmet

  5. Recommended for 2022 Head and Neck Restraint System, REQUIRED for 2023

  6. Fuel cell mandatory – SFI approved, with tip over valve, fuel cell can mandatory

  7. Fully enclosed fire wall between gas tank and driver

  8. Window net OR arm restraints

  9. Top must be enclosed over driver (at least twenty four (24) inches x twenty four (24) inches

  10. Doors must be fastened shut

  11. Must have a Fan Shroud

  12. Battery must be securely fasted down – plastic boat box required with lid in place if in passenger compartment. If in trunk, it must be securely fastened down behind the firewall.

  13. Six (6) point roll cage (NO exhaust tubing cages). Recommend at least one and three quarter (1-3/4) inch thick on main part of cage, mandatory door bars, minimum of two (2) we recommend three (3), one may be removable. If car has an existing roll cage, check it carefully. Roll bars in close proximity of driver to be padded with roll bar padding.

  14. Electric fuel pumps on Flatheads ONLY, must have a mercury or inertia switch and running light.

  15. Mandatory kill switch within driver’s reach when you are belted in, MUST be marked ON/OFF

  16. NO fiberglass seats, Aluminum racing seat with or without pad

  17. Numbers and any accompanying letters must be at least two (2) inches wide, and at least eighteen (18) inches tall, on both sides, and in a contrasting color. Recommend at least three (3) inch number on rear of car.

  18. Safety tie – down chains on motor

  19. Solid front firewall and full floor from firewall to behind driver (must cover bell housing and transmission)

  20. Cast iron bell housing, OR scatter shield. If you run aluminum bell housing, you must have a quarter inch (¼) steel plate over the top and down the sides.

  21. No more than ten (10)% rubber fuel line, ninety (90) % copper, aluminum, steel or braided racing line

  22. One 1(1) rear view mirror ONLY, must be inside of body.


  1. Straight axle OEM (no after market front ends) – 50% of the OEM axle must be exposed, and no more than a four (4) inch drop, king pin spindles only.

  2. Leaf springs ONLY front and rear, buggy springs (1) per axle OR parallel springs two (2) per axle. Pan hard bars allowed. NO coil over or torsion suspension. NO half leafs. No four links. No fifth arm on rear end for traction. No shock on top of rear end or any other type of traction devices, i.e. traction bars.

  3. Shocks – one (1) per wheel.

  4. Good working brakes – four (4) wheel brakes.

  5. Steering – must have a steering box, can be power steering or rack and pinion.

  6. Tires – eleven (11) inch on rear tread, nine and one half (9-1/2) inch on front tread width mounted on an eight (8) inch or smaller wheel. Racing or standard tires OK. No snow or mud. NO unilug wheel. Can be beadlock wheels, steel or aluminum wheels.

  7. Frame – if you replace it, it must be OEM frame rails and OEM width. Try to keep the frame in proportion to the body. NO wheelbases shorter than one hundred and five (105) inches. NO tube frames. NO channel iron frames.

  8. Body – must be American made, Sedans or Coupes, 1926 through 1948. Body must be steel and stock width, may channel down over frame. NO fiber glass bodies. Doors, hood, and trunk lid MUST fasten securely. Hood MUST cover radiator cap. NO wings, or spoilers.

  9. Car should be kept looking good – painted and clean. Keep the cars looking like the old race cars – motor close to stock position, radiators in front.

  10. Bumpers – Rear – NO wider than center of rear tires, Front – NO wider than frame rails, but must extrude at least (4) inches forward from front tires.

  11. If you use weight blocks, they must be held down with at minimum (2) two, 1/2” bolts. They must be painted white, and have your car number on them.

  12. Nerf Bars mandatory – not to extend past outside of tires.

  13. Weight minimum of 2500 pounds with driver after the race.


  1. Engines, American made stock automotive parts ONLY, 339 cubic inch or smaller. Any ignition, Maximum of flat top pistons only. (NO pistons protruding above the surface of the block). Crank MUST match OEM stroke, not to exceed 339 cubic inches, stock crank and stock parts. No stroker motors, NO roller cams, NO roller lifters. NO fuel injections. NO overhead cams. NO turbo chargers. Any kind of exhaust. Stock ratio roller rockers allowed.

  2. A V-8 small block cast iron heads, OEM aluminum OR cast iron intake, factory intake with firing order and part number, Aftermarket intake allowed is Edelbrock Performer EPS, Stock # 2701. (Speedway Part # 3252701). Maximum compression 200 PSI. NO bow tie or Dart II heads, or Vortec heads. Aftermarket heads allowed are World Products part # 824-202-67 COMP. Absolutely NO machine work or port and polishing aftermarket heads.

  3. Can run Chevy Perfomance 19420194. Only modifications allowed: HV oil pump, racing oil pan and tall valve covers. Must run it as it comes out of the crate.

  4. Inline Six – any kind of intake, NO aftermarket cranks, NO aftermarket heads.

  5. Four (4) Cylinder – No aftermarket cranks, NO aftermarket heads.

  6. Flathead V-8 – Anything you can afford to do, can be multi carbureted.


  1. Holley 4412 or OEM 500 CFM or smaller 2 barrel. May be modified to run E85 fuel. Choke plate may be removed. No other modifications allowed. Must pass all tech tools.

  2. Spacers- A 1" spacer or adapter is allowed under the carburetor.


  1. Any automatic with a nine (9) inch MINIMUM stock converter, not to exceed 300 stall, any three (3), four (4), or five (5) speed with at least a ten (10) inch clutch, clutch pedal or hand clutch allowed – with working reverse. ALL automatics must have a working torque converter. NO in and out boxes, NO Brinn, or Brinn type transmissions.

Rear Ends

  1. Any rear end, three quarter (¾) ton truck, locked, or quick change are allowed. NO independent suspension.

Drive Shaft

  1. Must have drive shaft loop, not over six (6) inches from front joint, and must be painted white


Must have working starter


  1. Must be able to run on pump gas. If you run racing fuel, please don’t be upset if we check for pop up pistons. E85 is legal fuel.

Prior to racing with G.O.T.R.A in 2021 you must:

  1. Fill out Application for General Membership, and pay the annual membership fee, $60.00

  2. Go over, and agree to and understand the 2021 racing season rules

  3. Attend a meeting

  4. Have your car inspected

  5. Fill out Driver Application Form

  6. Sign Waiver Form.

Upcoming Events

Nothing to announce at this point.  Here you will find upcoming races, shows and other events. 


The main goal of G.O.T.R.A. is to have fun. 


The Good Ol' Time Racing Association is not for the person that has to have all out competition, this group is about having fun.  If you feel the need to always win there are other classes of racing out there.